Pretty Little Valentines January 30 2015

Take a look at some of our new pieces! Perfect lightweight spring scarves and colors, and some pretty little things for your Valentine!

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Last chance to help us donate to the Stony Brook PA Program Medical Mission Trips!

Custom Wedding Pieces January 09 2015

In beautiful Montego Bay Jamaica, Pam got married with her little something blue custom footless sandals by Renewal! Here's the gorgeous bride!

Check out some new renewal pieces in our designer page >>---> Renewal

Congratulations to Dan and Pam Tello!

Thank You! December 12 2014

Thank you all for coming out to the DECA craft fair last weekend, we had a blast!

The holidays are coming up fast; I know I've been procrastinating this year! Anyone else leaving your holiday shopping until the last minute?!

We've added a few new items, check them out and get your gifts shipped in time for the holidays! New


Our most popular item this season is back in stock: Crystal Statement


Happy Shopping!





Fall into Winter with cozy knits! November 20 2014

I don't know about you guys but I only like winter for the first few weeks and then I'm over it and ready for spring. One of my favorite winter accessories is a chunky knit infinity scarf. Throw on a flannel with some leggings and layer it with an oversized infinity scarf... and to top it off add a knit beanie! Combine this look with some of my favorite fall/winter colors- ivory, charcoal gray, olive green, taupe- and I'm in love. It's starting to get reaaaally cold outside so keep warm with our cozy scarves and hats!







Starting today until February, Wanderlust Vintage will be donating 20% of all proceeds to the Stony Brook University Physician Assistant Program Medical Mission Trips to Ecuador, Nicaragua & Haiti. The Stony Brook University Physician Assistant Class of 2016 will be traveling to 3 countries with one common goal; Help provide quality healthcare and education to underserved communitiesPlease join us in supporting their missions abroad! To learn more about their trips and the organization they will be traveling with, please visit the links below.





DIY Wood Photo Transfer November 13 2014

Wooden decor is one of my favorite looks! This is a beautiful and unique way to display photos - you can use a block for the wall or standing on desks or tables, or as I show here on a keepsake box. The perfect DIY for your home, or they make amazing personalized gifts!

What you'll need:

-Photos printed from a Laser printer (Must be laser! Inkjet prints will smear! If you don't have one, you can get them printed at a local printer or Staples, make sure you ask for laser prints - usually only about 60 cents for black and white!)

Keep in mind the image will be mirrored so flip it!


-Brushes (the thicker the better!)


-Matte Medium Gel (Liquitex is the usual brand from a craft store in the paint isle, I got mine at Michael's)

-Anything wood with an area to print!


1. Start cleaning off the wood with a wet cloth so the surface is completely clear of any dust and slightly damp. Brush the gel onto the surface, thick enough so you can see it, and cover every part you want the image to appear (any missed area will not absorb the image)



2. Place the image face down on the wood. Make sure you've got it where you want it before you press, and then press down and smooth it out across the gel. Leave this on to dry for a full 12 hours (or at least 8 minimum - this is a long project!)


3. Next, to get the paper off you have to wet it and rub it off. This is a bit of a process, it takes about 8 to 10 times of wetting, drying, then doing it again. Use your fingers to rub the paper, but be careful! After a while this really rubs away the tips of your fingers. Take your time!


4. If you like it as is, perfect! If you want to get a more rustic and colored look, you can sand the edges and stain the wood. I used a black and white photo to begin and stained right over the picture. With a color picture, you can stain the edges. Take a knife to get rid of any of the unwanted gel on the edges and sand away to your liking. Make sure you clear off any dust before staining and go right over the picture, dry and stain again. I used a sealer after to give a shine as well.


The perfect keepsake for wedding photos or just to display some of your favorite photos together!


And speaking of decor... check out our new holiday prints! Decor & Prints

Here's a few!


#OOTD Handbags! November 07 2014

I have learned that size (of your handbag) does matter! I love a cute clutch, but it can never hold all my essentials without it looking too bulky. On the other hand, with larger bags, I can never find ANYTHING when I'm looking for it. Ladies, look no further for the perfect size bag. Browse our new handbag collection for beautiful designs that are both roomy and functional. Stay posted for new handbag styles coming next week!


Handbag; Brown Quilted Messenger will be up next week! See Black Quilted Messenger for this style in Black.

Necklace; Turquoise Dreamcatcher Necklace-will be up next week!

Below I'm wearing our new Taupe Cowl Infinity scarf that I am a little obsessed with. It's super cozy and goes well with any outfit. I am also wearing our new burgundy weaved clutch which makes my outfit pop. Wear it as a clutch or a perfect crossbody! Check back next week with new scarf styles as well!

Handbag; Burgundy Weaved Clutch

Scarf; Taupe Cowl Infinity

Happy Friday!

New Accessories Creepin' In! October 31 2014

Happy Halloween! We've added some must-have accessories >>---> clutch!

Take a look at these cute new styles on our Accessories >>---> Bags page. More to come!

Get ready to visit us at the Northport High School Craft Fair (click here for more info), Saturday, December 6th & Sunday, December 7th - 9am-5pm. Just in time for holiday shopping!


#OOTD Fall in Grey! October 10 2014


Lot's of trends this season - fall pastels, blues, plaids, wrap coats, tribal ponchos and my favorite: monochromatic grey! Everything grey! So easy to love a great neutral and it's easy to buy for mixing and matching.

My OOTD is this great light sweater with a pretty crisscross back (so many of these back details everywhere!), grey leggings and booties. I accessorized with our Dark Grey Sparkle Infinity and the Grey Wool Floppy Hat.

And there's lots more grey where that came from! Some other great mix and match grey and silver:

Grey Knit Hooded Inifinity

Grey Sparkle Knit Infinity

Silver Compass Necklace

Silver Link Statement

Silver Feather Hook Bangle

All new fall items are coming soon, check back next week!


Tunesday Tuesday: The Black Keys September 30 2014

The Black Keys never fail to put on an awesome show. I have seen them a few times at various music festivals, but never a full concert. I couldn't have been more excited when I saw that The Black Keys were playing at Barclays Center AND Cage The Elephant was opening for them. I've been to Barclays Center for a Mumford and Sons concert which was also AMAZING. It's a great venue for concerts and I recommend anyone who has the chance to go, GO! 

<< I wore our Dreamcatcher Chevron Necklace with the Black Snap Stud Watch

The Black Keys are definitely one of those bands you need to go see live if you like this type of music. I don't think I stopped dancing once... and then they ended the night with my favorite song, Little Black Submarine, which made the night complete. Great venue, awesome music, and my best friend!


Season of Change September 19 2014

When each new season comes around, it brings back a certain feeling… It’s hard to describe, maybe it comes from memories of some places you went as a kid and all of those fun seasonal activities.

I always have such a feeling of renewal when fall comes around. After months of heat and heavy humidity, the first days of cool air comes in like a crisp, fresh breath and you’re head is clear. It’s the season of change - you’re coming out of a nice long summer sun vacation in which last years problems have been long gone and partied away, and new projects have just begun in the peace and quiet of a fresh start.

I’ve had this feeling for the past 2 weeks, and it began when I read a friends post that I still can't get out of my head. It’s about taking care of yourself, physically and mentally, and one line just resonates with me because it seems to be an issue I run into all the time despite my wonderfully lucky and happy life, “Something was off.” You always know in your core when something just isn’t right.

For me, this is something that tends to happen when I AM happy… Why? I have love in my life, friends and family that care about me, a job, an education… Why do I get this sudden feeling like I’m making mistakes or life is just too much or “everything is off.”

And it seems so simple now. Take care of yourself.

As everyone goes through phases of this, I have a lot of trouble knowing exactly where to start and what to believe is healthy. I'm so tired of all these health articles coming at you with some new piece of information that could save your life if you just eat these few impossible to get foods, or cut out this, this and this immediately or you will DIE, or everything you thought you knew about food is wrong.

No, thanks. So I’m looking to myself now to figure that out and seems more simple than ever. How do I feel after a night of drinking? How do I feel after a run? How do I look after I’ve sat down without my computer or phone and had a cup of tea out on the porch?

I’m starting with just two simple changes and easy everyday goals that have helped me truly feel better and are things that I can realistically stick to:

1. Meditate - Everyday, even if it’s only for 5 minutes.

2. Go to the organic section first - Make a point to look at what’s available organic and real first - they’ve made it very easy to get organic food now and there’s no excuse not to eat that over processed.


That's it! Do it! Start with something simple to better yourself, and you'll see how more will follow just behind. Get motivated by Hummusbird and the post that really got me thinking. >>--->


New Fall Prints

Football Sunday Funday September 15 2014

So I know this is supposed to be a fashion related blog but I am SO excited for football season that I couldn't resist. This is my version of Sunday Funday. Yesterday also happened to be my best friends birthday which made it that much better. Pumpkin beer, good food, great friends, the Giants, the beginning of Fall and bacon... who doesn't love bacon. I can almost guarantee where there's football, there's food. Our friends get together every Sunday to watch football, and that obviously means let's make 17 different types of dips/fried food/chili. Below are some of our favorite recipes!


Spicy Buffalo Chicken Dip


8 fat free ounces cream cheese, softened

1/2 cup reduced ranch dressing

1/2 cup Buffalo or Red Hot sauce

1/2 cup shredded mozzarella cheese

2 cans (9.75 each) Premium Chunk chicken breast, drained, or 2 cups shredded cooked chicken


Place cream cheese first into the bowl. Stir that until it is smooth. Add the rest of the ingredients. Bake at 350 for about 20 minutes or until heated through.


Spicy BBQ Chicken Wings


Chicken Wings

Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce

Franks Red Hot Sauce

Red Pepper Flakes


Bake Chicken Wings at 400° for 25 minutes. While the wings are baking, mix the BBQ sauce and hot sauce in a bowl. Add in pepper flakes. When the chicken wings are ready, toss them around in the bowl of sauce. Serve with blue cheese, celery and carrots.




2 lbs of ground beef

3 cans of chili beans

2 packs of chili mix

2 cans of diced tomatoes

1 yellow onion

2 cubes of beef bouillon

1 tablespoon minced garlic

1 tablespoon of oregano

1 tablespoon of Franks Red Hot Sauce

1 tablespoon of salt and pepper

1 tablespoon of cayenne pepper

shredded cheddar cheese

sour cream


Chop the onion and the garlic and cook with the beef in a sauce pan over medium heat. Add in the rest of the ingredients and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and let it cook for two hours. Top with sour cream, chives, and cheddar cheese.

Try some of these out for next Sunday Funday!

Engagement September 05 2014

New invite DIY, inspired by my friend's love!

I recently did an engagement photoshoot for some of my best friends, here's a few shots and a print look that is just "so them"!


Congrats Dave & Britt!

Bridal Shower August 29 2014

There's no better reason to get your girlfriends and family together to party lady style than a bridal shower. Our best friend is getting married and with the help of some amazing ladies, we put together a great party to celebrate love and the beginning of Natalie's new life as a Mrs! The shower was held at one of the bridesmaids backyard (which is absolutely breathtaking) and we couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. Below are some pictures capturing the special moments! 


From the food to the flowers to the bride to be.... gorgeous!

#IceBucketChallenge August 22 2014

On behalf of Wanderlust Vintage, we have donated and taken the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. We nominate all of you!

For more info or to donate, click here.


Hand and Foot Jewelry August 15 2014

I'm a sucker for these hand and foot pieces… I love how jewelry is expanding to be worn on all different parts of the body in all different ways. I never bought one so I decided I wanted to make one of my own. I picked out some of my favorite stones, pieces and chain and started creating. There are so many different types of hand pieces but I love how delicate the ones I made look on your hand. They are perfect to wear with stacking rings or midi rings.

Turquoise Handpiece

Purple Pyrite Handpiece

Coming from a person who really does not like feet, I'm in love with this footpiece. They're fun and look so cute barefoot. Summers almost over so get one of these gems before it ends!
Turquoise Geo Footpiece
I can't wait to get my hands on some lace to incorporate it into one of these pieces…Stay tuned!

A Day in the Life... a Designer! August 01 2014

Any artist will tell you there's ups and downs. One night I'll have 15 jobs with the deadline of tomorrow and no printer ink at 3AM, and another I'll be lying on the couch drawing my initials over and over wondering if my next paycheck will have any more than 2 digits. But my daily life consists of a rather fun place to work!

1. Wake up. Tea. Dress!

#ootd is one of my favorite Renewal pieces, the White Stone Geo Necklace, and the Burnished Gold Turquoise Feather Bangle.


2. Discuss designs and apparel client's would like to print. From the beginning of my day to the end, I'm thinking about sports, party, business and fashion logos.


3. Choose apparel. Getting the right company with the perfect textures, colors and look a client wants has been a big trial and error part of the job. I love getting to use new colors!


4. Choose media. One of my favorite parts of designing for apparel is being creative with all of the different methods of getting a logo to look it's best. Ink, embroidery, foil, glitter, rhinestones, studs, neons, so many to work with!


5. See the end result. For the prints we sell in store I get to see which designs sell best first hand.


6. And of course, the retail! Putting together outfits, designing visual displays, taking photos, updating the website and social media...

Work...What is work again??

Check out all of our designs at


And at the end of a good day, there's a show to be seen! Heading out to Nikon Jones Beach Theater tonight - stay tuned for a #tunesdaytuesday soon! 

Get The Look - Jewelry July 24 2014

I love to shop and I don't know about everyone else but I want to be able to get the look but for a lot less money. Since most of these items aren't as easy as a DIY, finding a similar piece at an affordable price is. Get the looks below without breaking the bank.


Crystal Pendant Long Necklace

Smokey Stone Teardrop Earrings and Turquoise Teardrop Earrings

Black Wrap Stud Bracelet

Midi Ring Set


Use the code LOOK2 and enjoy 10% off on our Crystal Pendant Long Necklace this weekend. Happy Friday!


DIY Printables July 17 2014

We're in the wedding season of our lives! So many of our friends and family are getting engaged, and we've been inspired to design some Do It Yourself printable invitations and cards. We'll set up everything for you and you print yourself! Just choose any of our designs and send us all the info you want to be included. We'll send you all of the high res files you'll need to print with a professional printer.

Or it's easy to do yourself! There's quality card stock and straight cutters at staples to help you print, cut and look professional. Make sure your paper cutter is strong enough to cut heavy paper if you choose to use card stock. Do a test run for double-sided designs to make sure you flip your paper over the correct way to print the other side - newer printers will print double sided for you, check your settings! We also send a 2-per-page file to save paper.

Check out all of our printable design at our new Décor & Prints page. More to come!


Contact as with any questions!


OOTD July 11 2014

Necklace and Earrings; Black and White Half Flower Statement

Bracelet; Burnished Gold Turquoise Feather Bangle

Watch; Black Snap Stud Watch

Dress; TJ Maxx

Denim shirt; Kohls

Shoes; Nine West


Happy Friday :)


Live Free July 03 2014

The perfect time to think about living freely: 4th of July!

That's what we've always been about and we intend to spread the word! If you feel like going, just go. Get inspired. Love the little things. "Be as you wish to seem." Live in love. Live in the moment. Live free!

Here's to little reminders we all need. Happy 4th!

New hand-drawn type prints @ Decor & Prints


DIY Flower Crowns June 26 2014

Flower crowns are a perfect DIY for the summer and they're SO easy to make. They're great for music festivals, weddings, special occasions or just because! I feel like the best way to rock this look is to do it yourself. Get creative with your choice of flower type and color to make a look that's your own. I chose to use suede cord as the headband but you can use whatever you want (elastic, flower wire, leather cord etc.)
Here's what you need:
You can get all these materials at your local craft store.
Step 1: Measure the suede cord around your head leaving enough cord to hang in the back to tie.
Step 2: Cut the stems on the back of the flowers so that they lay flat.
Step 3: Using your hot glue gun, glue the flowers onto the cord. Place the flowers wherever you want. I chose to keep them close together.
Step 4: Add beads of any type to the end of the cord and tie a knot at the end to secure it.
The other way I made my flower crown was on a braided cord/elastic headband.
Step 1: Braid your suede cord. Once you have the braid to a decent length, measure it to your head. Make sure you do not go all the way around your head. Leave some room to add the elastic so it can stretch according to your head.
Step 2: Hot glue a 2" piece of elastic to your braided cord and secure it by wrapping a piece of ribbon around the suede and elastic (close ribbon with glue).
Step 3: Glue your flowers onto the braided cord.
And thats it! You got yourself a flower crown!

Party Time June 19 2014

We had a beautiful setup at our last jewelry party with newly made custom wooden decor. To host a Wanderlust Vintage party, contact us!



Inspiration June 13 2014

I've been feeling like I need a change lately. I have so many dreams and goals and the most important thing to remember is to never lose sight. Trust and believe in yourself, your goals, and your future. Here are some inspirational quotes that have helped me along the way.

True Vintage Inspiration June 06 2014

My mom has been hanging my grandmother's illustrations in the house recently, and I've been excited to go through the rest of her work. She was a fashion illustrator and most of these pieces were drawn in the 70's. It's so interesting to see the clothing and how she accessorized and styled the outfits. Some true vintage inspiration!



Such a talented family I come from!