Thanksgiving Outfit Inspiration November 27 2013

I've been looking forward to thanksgiving for a while, especially because you get to see friends and family you may not get to see all the time. Now that thanksgiving is just one day away, what do you wear? Below is some thanksgiving outfit inspiration.

For a comfy casual look, I picked the obvious choice... leggings with a knit sweater. I paired this outfit with tall brown boots and the Orange Tassel Necklace (coming soon!)
Leggings: Victoria Secret, Ivory Knit Sweater: H&M, Brown Boots: Thrift Store and Orange Tassel Necklace
Here is what I put together for a casual day outfit:
White long sleeve: H&M, Moss colored jeans: Forever21, Short Brown Boots: Graffiti Boutique, Brown bag: Forever21, Ivory and Gold Speckled Knit Scarf (coming soon!), Brown Wrap Stud Bracelet, Midi Cross Ring and Gold leaf Earrings.

Below is the outfit I chose for dinner/night:
Green chiffon dress: Mystique Boutique, Brown Tall Boots: Nine West, Brown Bag: Forever21, Geo Gold Necklace and Brown Stone Bracelet
What are you wearing for thanksgiving?