DIY: Galaxy Print January 16 2014

After a long, very cold walk on the beach this weekend, I got in my car and headed home. On my way, staring at the cliffs ahead next to an open sky above the water, came down a meteor-like object. It was far in the distance, but close enough to see the colorful glowing smoke coming off. Pretty blue and gold barreling down. I've never seen anything like it.

Of course I've thought about it all week and as nature inspires us, the universe is on my mind. Galaxy is a trendy print now and spray paint is an easy way to get the look. I wanted to paint an accessory to add a nice printed touch to an outfit, and to show off my galaxy story!



Dark Stretch Fabric

Fabric Spray Paint - Ivory, Purple & Pink



Cut 2 fabric strips approximately 4" x 20".

Start off with big splotches of purple, then spray at an angle with Ivory for a mist of stars.

Add just a few splotches of pink.

Roll each piece, criss-cross and close the ends together with a simple stitch.

Galaxy is easy! Play around with the pattern.

This cute headband can be done in so many different fabrics and prints, to be plain & simple or funky & bold. Here's a few from the web I loved in similar twist styles.