DIY Chain & Charm Hair Ties February 07 2014

I'm always wearing hair ties around my wrist but hate the way they look next to my bracelets and/or watch. I don't even actually use them that often, but they are always there just in case. I decided I needed to fix this and spice up my hair ties to look better with my outfits.

These are so simple to make. Here's what you need:



Hair Ties

Carefully open up the first chain link with your pliers and place the hair tie in the chain link. Close up the chain link. Follow the same steps for last chain link.

And voila! A hair tie AND bracelet that will look good with any outfit!

I was feeling inspired so I decided to create another look. Also very easy to make.

Here's what you need:


Hair Tie

Jump Rings



With all the tassel accessories seen lately, I wanted to add one into my creation. I cut pieces of the string and tied it at the top to make the tassel.

With your pliers, carefully open the jump ring and add your charm. Link it on to the hair tie and close the jump ring.

I love these...they look great on their own, stacked all together, or paired with bangles and a watch! There are so many different ways to glam up your hair ties. Get creative!