A Wanderluster's Picks March 14 2014


As much as I love to be wanderlust, the actual traveling part is not my strong point. In fact, my fear of flying determines all of my trip decisions. When I do fly, I have to plan every detail. Organization is key when it comes to anxious traveling.

Layering is a must when you’re going from cold to warm, and comfort is a big deal when you’re about to sit for hours. Here’s my absolute favorite picks for traveling - ultimate comfort and style! And a few pretty little places from my trip ~

I got a light faux leather jacket and layered with American Apparel - most comfortable hoodies and tees! American Apparel is carried everywhere, easy find, and has the best fitting plain solids and new heathered styles.

Vintage Havana sweats - no matter the style, I could live in their sweatpants.

And of course, can't forget the new lucky scarf!

Travel well!