Spring Cleaning March 27 2014

D.I.Y. Pants to Shorts

Of course our favorite time of year because it's all about reviving your old styles! I've been emptying my drawers and came across some jeans I just couldn't get rid of. They're an old straight leg that I never wear anymore, but with such a nice dark brown color, they needed to stay. So I cut them into shorts! The best part about cutting your own shorts is customizing. Cut more or less of an angle to flatter your shape, and create your perfect length.

Use safety pins to mark where to want to cut. Start thinking long, since you can't go back after cutting them too short. I measured 4" down the inseam. Tighter jeans make for better short shorts.


Once you've pinned the inseam, use the ruler match the angle of the waistline and pin the other side.


Use chalk or charcoal to make a rough line.


And go for it! Roll over once about a 1/2" to cuff. Try them on and adjust.

If you want to keep them cuffed, make a few stitches up the side seams and iron them down. Throw them in the wash to fray!

The perfect pair to fulfill my obsession with green and brown. This embroidered top had great touches of gold to go with our new Dragonfly Pendant necklace, a piece from our spring items to come soon... once we are through with spring cleaning!