DIY Phone Charger April 18 2014

There are so many expensive custom phone chargers that I refuse to buy...why not use what you have and DIY? Today I am going to show you two ways to decorate your phone charger.

This first one is so easy. Here's what you need:

-Washi tape


-Phone charger

1) Take your washi tape and line is up straight to place on your charger.

2) Press down firmly so it sticks well and your done!

See, so easy!


You can pretty much do any design with washi tape, there are so many awesome prints. I bought mine here I have actually fallen in love with washi tape, I want to put it on everything.


This next one is a little more time consuming but it allowed me to slow down for a minute and relax while creating! Here's what you need:



-Phone charger

1) Start by wrapping your string around the charging cord tightly.

2) When you are ready to start a new color, tie the new color onto your current string.

3) Cut the ends a little and tuck them in so you can wrap over the ends.

4) Start wrapping again!

5) Repeat until you have the pattern you want.

6) When finished, tie the end so it does not come undone.


Voila! Two different ways to spice up your phone charger.