It's in the Stars! April 24 2014

What's your sign?? I've been feeling exceptionally in tune with the sun these days... Or maybe I'm just happy it's been out! Either way, I'm trying to take in the good rays. Here's your weekend horoscope from my favorite Astrology site:


ARIES March 21-April 19

Three, two, one, manifest! On Saturday, expressive Mercury and curious Neptune form a harmonious angle, helping you transform a dream into something tangible. Beauty and all things luxe activate the muse, so fill up on fodder before getting down to work. Wander through an art exhibit, browse an upscale boutique, set up your workstation at a high-end café filled with one-of-a-kind antiques. Just make sure you’ve got pen and paper handy or your trusty portable recorder to capture those flashes of creativity. Sunday’s stars draw out your mischievous side. With the moon and unpredictable Uranus merging in Aries, the unorthodox part of your personality moves front and center. Throwing others for a curve ball with a little shock value is always good fun for Rams, but watch those limits. You could go so far over the top that people won’t be interested in engaging with you. Think dialogues, not monologues.

TAURUS April 20-May 20

No matter what social scene you dip your toe into on Saturday, you’ll fit right in, thanks to a harmonious Mercury-Neptune angle. It’s a fine day to engage in a little social experimentation. Who knows? Your tree-hugging hippie friend could make beautiful music with that straight-laced Wall Street buddy of yours. But you’ll never know unless you bring them together. Avoid throwing any invite-only soirees. An amigo could show up with a fresh face worth getting to know. On Sunday, a moon-Uranus meetup in your twelfth house of closure inspires you to go on a massive decluttering mission. The desire to downsize could be all-encompassing, but be thoughtful when scaling back. With impulsive Uranus in the mix, you could be rash when sorting things into the “junk” pile. Avoid regret by thinking twice. Perhaps you’ve never worn your grandmother’s brooch before, but it might be worth saving it as a memento for a younger relative who wants to connect with her roots.

GEMINI May 21-June 20

While it’s true that people are judged by the friends they keep, refrain from making snap assessments on Saturday. A crowd that normally gives off a closed vibe could surprisingly invite you into their circle. While they may be a tad narrow-minded for your tastes, suspend judgment and see what they have to offer. Even if this crew isn’t compatible with all of your core beliefs, there might be a couple of individual gems in the crowd who could play significant roles in your life. At the very least, bonding with this group will make a positive impact on your professional world, so don’t leave home without an extra stash of business cards. You’re gonna need them. Sunday’s moon-Uranus merger in your eleventh house of technology calls on your inner geek. If you’ve been hanging on to your Luddite ways, it’s time to let go. (That said, most Gems are way ahead of the curve, often first in line at the Apple store when the latest OS hits the shelves.) Dig up apps to save you valuable time and brain power. Single? “The One” could be floating around on Tinder looking for someone just like you. Start clicking! Coupled? Sync up your schedules on a shared calendar, and download Delightful for planning exciting fresh dates without all the hassle.

CANCER June 21-July 22

Open your mind. On Saturday, curious Mercury forms a harmonious angle to soulful Neptune, making you crave some intellectual stimulation. Investigate a new school of thought and see what inspires you. You could find yourself signing up for an intriguing workshop or retreat. While Googling could keep you busy for hours on end, don’t stay cooped up inside all day. Explore what the real world has to offer. Jump in on a discussion group, attend a lecture, peruse the stacks in your favorite indie bookstore. Besides getting excited about fresh ideas, you also could connect with a compatible new crowd. On Sunday, the moon merges with changemaker Uranus in your ambitious tenth house, paving the way for an unexpected career opportunity, possibly through your social connections. Are the demands of your job dragging you down, Cancer? Snap out of whining mode and move into a winner’s mentality. The solution could be as simple as setting up more efficient systems. With technophile Uranus involved, get one of your geeky friends to catch you up to speed on the latest gadgets, apps and software that can make your work life so much more pleasant. If you’ve been sidestepping a leadership role, the cosmos push you into the driver’s seat. You don’t need to apologize for being the boss, Crab. Besides, business is business.

LEO July 23-August 22

It may be the weekend, but with mental Mercury in your career sector, your mind is occupied with your loftiest goals. When you mix in Neptune’s potent influence on Saturday, you could find yourself hobnobbing with the who’s who in your field. You know how to keep your nose to the grindstone, but don’t neglect the human part of the equation. Power down your laptop, and strategically socialize at a VIP affair or invite a dream client out for haute cuisine. Sunday’s stars come with an “open mouth, insert Choo” alert. An alignment of the moon and unpredictable Uranus in your truth-telling ninth house puts you at risk of blurting first, thinking later. Honesty is admirable, but not if it comes filled with barbs. Rounding out the rough edges of your delivery may be a challenge, so it might be best to work it out on paper first. Besides getting clear about how you feel, it will also be healing. Next week, you’ll be crystal clear on what you’re going to say. Or, you might even be compelled to finally let it go, once and for all.

VIRGO August 23-September 22

Get off the defensive, Virgo. On Saturday, your planetary ruler, expressive Mercury, forms a flowy angle to dreamy Neptune, helping you lose the pretenses when it comes to love. Instead of taking a strategic approach (your analytical sign’s preference), speak from the heart. If you clam up out of fear, you’ll berate yourself later for letting this opportunity slide. No risk, no gain. Don’t freak out if your love interest doesn’t immediately respond as you’d like. This could be a major curveball—give them time to process. The emerald-eyed monster could make an appearance this Sunday, thanks to a moon-Uranus mashup in your shadowy eighth house. Your competitive streak could unexpectedly rise to the surface, leading you to look at one of your staunchest supporters as your number-one rival. Rather than letting envy swallow you whole, use it as a compass to point you toward your own desires. Redirect your energy into manifesting your own version of what she has. The opportunities are out there, Virgo. You’ve just got to know where to look. Scarcity mentality, begone!

LIBRA September 23-October 22

Making more money involves wisely investing what you’ve got now. Saturday’s stars point you toward amplifying your support network. Although this means sharing the profits, you’ll have much more to play with due to such help. Perhaps outsourcing the most tedious tasks or contracting a part-time assistant is the way to go. If you’re still in rookie-ville, seek out an internship with an expert in your chosen field. Even though it won’t pay the rent, you can’t put a price tag on the training—not to mention getting to know someone's inner circle. Hello, friends in high places! On Sunday, the Love Boat could hit some rocky waters, thanks to a meetup of the emo moon and volatile Uranus. Fighting words could get flung back and forth with a special someone, but this doesn’t have to be the beginning of the end, Libra. Take the day to cool your jets and raise the issue again next week. At the other end of the spectrum, this cosmic combo could uncover an unlikely attraction to someone way outside your type. Remain receptive!

SCORPIO October 23-November 21

Saturday’s stars are in cahoots with Cupid, setting the scene for a romantic encounter that leaves you five feet off the ground. Sounds heavenly, right? Not so fast, Scorpio. With quicksilver Mercury and illusory Neptune in the mix, it’s hard to discern fantasy from reality. While the spark can’t be denied, you could be projecting traits onto this person that simply aren’t there. By all means, revel in the rush, but don’t be in a hurry to write off your latest admirer and especially not your long-standing love. The real deal will reveal itself in good time. On Sunday, a merger of the moon and changemaker Uranus in your sixth house of self-care encourages you to work the buddy system. Arrange post-dinner power walks with a few of your neighbors, invite your pals to join you at your local yoga studio, take a healthy cooking class with a couple of your colleagues. Your generous streak may also rise to the surface on Sunday. See if there are any upcoming walk-a-thons or bike treks for a cause you care about. Besides feeling great about helping out, you might also make a few new friends/workout pals in the process.

SAGITTARIUS November 22-December 21

Ready, set, DIY! On Saturday, a harmonious angle between analytical Mercury and imaginative Neptune gives you a craving for some hands-on creating. Strip and stain an old armoire, or paint one wall of your living room a bright, bold color. Dive into projects that also serve a practical purpose, like making your own floating bookshelves. Or, you may want to put your green thumb to use. Get your hands dirty working on a kitchen herb window box, or start a vegetable garden if you have a backyard or rooftop terrace. On Sunday, romance is revving in full gear! The emo moon and impulsive Uranus unite in your passionate fifth house, bringing an attraction from a low simmer to raging boil. A high-octane fling is definitely within the realm of possibilities, Archer. Coupled? While you may be operating in prime form, your willpower is on the weak side, so don’t put yourself in temptation’s way. Tip: if things are feeling a little stale with your sweetie, don’t resort to picking a fight to get those juices flowing again. You’re so much more creative than that, Sag. Organize an out-of-the-ordinary date night (check out the Delightful app), or even spend a bit more time pursuing your own interests. A little distance can bring back the love.

CAPRICORN December 22-January 19

Subtle signs can be even more potent than in-your-face declarations, Capricorn. On Saturday, a sultry angle between dreamy Neptune and coquettish Mercury prods you to play coy. Actions speak louder than words, so instead of pouring out your potent emotions in a passionate soliloquy, show ‘em how you feel. Hold their gaze a few seconds longer than required, gently touch their arm and let it linger, dab on an extra few drops of that scent you-know-who finds intoxicating. There’s no harm in inciting a bit of a chase, Cap. When people have to work harder at getting what they want, they’ll value the end result (a.k.a. YOU) that much more. On Sunday, a relative or close friend could send out an S.O.S. signal with your name on it. Although you want to support your nearest and dearest, this particular request could feel like a major time suck. You are under no obligation to swoop in and save the day. Instead, talk things through and you’ll be able to whip up alternative plans of attack that are more conducive to both of your schedules. If you do choose to sacrifice some of your downtime to help, set clear boundaries. You’re in desperate need of some R&R at Chez Capricorn today. Honoring your own needs is just as important as tending to everyone else’s.

AQUARIUS January 20-February 18

Harmony rules under Saturday’s stars. Take full advantage of this warm-fuzzy vibe for some serious one-on-one time with your mother, sister, or another woman you’re close with. The influence of compassionate Neptune and communicator Mercury also helps you raise a sticky issue with a relative or a roomie—without turning it into an out-and-out war. Instead of finger-pointing, use “I” statements to express how you feel. On Sunday, the moon and your cosmic ruler, tech-loving Uranus, merge in your social networking sector. While you don’t need to post a play-by-play account of your brunch conversation on Facebook (#TMI), you and your friends will appreciate a few select shots on Instagram. Also, it’s a stellar day to reach out to someone online whose work you admire. Even the simple act of sending a flattering tweet or private message could swing open the door to future collaborations. You never know unless you put it out there, Aquarius. Apply the same logic to your offline contacts. Nurture a fledgling friendship over a macchiato or margartias and bring on the synergy!

PISCES February 19-March 20

Woe is you? On Saturday, the stars nudge you away from playing the victim. While you haven’t instigated the drama, you could be keeping it alive. The buck stops here, Pisces. Put your foot down, and stop going back for more misery. Even a slight change in your choices can trigger a fresh outcome. Are you finding it hard to move on? Your tried-and-true pals love you, but if truth be told, they’ve grown weary of listening to you sing the same old sob story again and again. If you’re having trouble letting go, get honest with yourself. Own your part in this situation instead of pretending that it’s everyone else’s fault. Sunday’s stars remind you that you can’t hurry love. A merger of the sensitive moon and unorthodox Uranus in your sensual second house urges you to take a slow and seductive approach. Take your time in responding to you-know-who’s texts or calls. Allow fresh friendships and romantic relationships to evolve naturally instead of pushing for a more intimate bond. When it comes to getting to know new people, limit your time together to no more than a couple of hours. Holding your cards close to your vest will work to your advantage. Keeping the mystery alive makes you all the more alluring.



All horoscopes are from Astrostyle, a fun site to visit for your daily horoscope with pretty illustrations and great articles. Love it!

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