Birthdays May 09 2014

Each year is a privilege, and it's worth enjoying and celebrating! Your birthday is a day to appreciate, not worry about your age.

Today is my birthday, and a few days ago I was deciding what I should write about on this day. I couldn't help but contemplate the fact that I'm about to be closer to 30 than my teen years. Youth slowly just flying away...
Then I asked a little girl what she would say on her birthday, "On my birthday I won't be with Miss [her teacher] anymore, I'll be in kindergarten!" I was of course expecting the excitement, but to hear her thinking ahead about her life and anticipating things to come was a good kick-turn to my perspective. Seeing a 4 year old excited about something months away is all you need to remind you what's important.

One of the absolute best things you can do for yourself, even if it's only once a year, is to list the things you are grateful for. Sit down and try it! You'll feel about 100 years younger.

26 things to be happy for this year: