DIY Printables July 17 2014

We're in the wedding season of our lives! So many of our friends and family are getting engaged, and we've been inspired to design some Do It Yourself printable invitations and cards. We'll set up everything for you and you print yourself! Just choose any of our designs and send us all the info you want to be included. We'll send you all of the high res files you'll need to print with a professional printer.

Or it's easy to do yourself! There's quality card stock and straight cutters at staples to help you print, cut and look professional. Make sure your paper cutter is strong enough to cut heavy paper if you choose to use card stock. Do a test run for double-sided designs to make sure you flip your paper over the correct way to print the other side - newer printers will print double sided for you, check your settings! We also send a 2-per-page file to save paper.

Check out all of our printable design at our new Décor & Prints page. More to come!


Contact as with any questions!