Tunesday Tuesday: The Black Keys September 30 2014

The Black Keys never fail to put on an awesome show. I have seen them a few times at various music festivals, but never a full concert. I couldn't have been more excited when I saw that The Black Keys were playing at Barclays Center AND Cage The Elephant was opening for them. I've been to Barclays Center for a Mumford and Sons concert which was also AMAZING. It's a great venue for concerts and I recommend anyone who has the chance to go, GO! 

<< I wore our Dreamcatcher Chevron Necklace with the Black Snap Stud Watch

The Black Keys are definitely one of those bands you need to go see live if you like this type of music. I don't think I stopped dancing once... and then they ended the night with my favorite song, Little Black Submarine, which made the night complete. Great venue, awesome music, and my best friend!