DIY Wood Photo Transfer November 13 2014

Wooden decor is one of my favorite looks! This is a beautiful and unique way to display photos - you can use a block for the wall or standing on desks or tables, or as I show here on a keepsake box. The perfect DIY for your home, or they make amazing personalized gifts!

What you'll need:

-Photos printed from a Laser printer (Must be laser! Inkjet prints will smear! If you don't have one, you can get them printed at a local printer or Staples, make sure you ask for laser prints - usually only about 60 cents for black and white!)

Keep in mind the image will be mirrored so flip it!


-Brushes (the thicker the better!)


-Matte Medium Gel (Liquitex is the usual brand from a craft store in the paint isle, I got mine at Michael's)

-Anything wood with an area to print!


1. Start cleaning off the wood with a wet cloth so the surface is completely clear of any dust and slightly damp. Brush the gel onto the surface, thick enough so you can see it, and cover every part you want the image to appear (any missed area will not absorb the image)



2. Place the image face down on the wood. Make sure you've got it where you want it before you press, and then press down and smooth it out across the gel. Leave this on to dry for a full 12 hours (or at least 8 minimum - this is a long project!)


3. Next, to get the paper off you have to wet it and rub it off. This is a bit of a process, it takes about 8 to 10 times of wetting, drying, then doing it again. Use your fingers to rub the paper, but be careful! After a while this really rubs away the tips of your fingers. Take your time!


4. If you like it as is, perfect! If you want to get a more rustic and colored look, you can sand the edges and stain the wood. I used a black and white photo to begin and stained right over the picture. With a color picture, you can stain the edges. Take a knife to get rid of any of the unwanted gel on the edges and sand away to your liking. Make sure you clear off any dust before staining and go right over the picture, dry and stain again. I used a sealer after to give a shine as well.


The perfect keepsake for wedding photos or just to display some of your favorite photos together!


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