New Beginnings September 09 2013

Alanna and I have been friends for 21 years. At 4 years old, our relationship started off a little rocky considering I liked the cake of cupcakes and she liked the frosting. Needless to say, we overcame our differences.

As we grew we recognized our commonalities silently: rocking out to the same songs and laughing at the same jokes, to seeking the same path in life. We believe in the simple beauties.

Alanna has been a roaming soul since I knew her. England, France, Spain, Ireland, Denmark, China... the list goes on and we're only a quarter of a life old. I've always thought her knowledge of fashion and beautiful sense of style must come from her experiences around the world, considering it seems to just appear out of the blue and in the nick of time. It's as if it's just an instinct when she puts together an outfit that becomes an art form in the way it represents her, and yet is still perfect for the situation and something everyone admires.

And me, I've been to a few of those places myself, but my wanderlust stays alive through my passion for nature. I can go an hour without being outside before I itch for open air and reminisce about my days working on the water. This is always with me as I design, to the point in which I have to remind myself that there are colors OTHER than green and brown...

We live inspired by the world as it is in front of us. So why not combine our skills and our wanderlust struck lives to create a site and share it? We hope to bring the beautiful things we find (and create) to you, enjoy!

This is a picture I snapped in a local trail that I always carry with me and inspired me to do our first photo shoot here.