Band Tees September 24 2013

It's funny how you can feel so free in a crowd of people. There's something about being at a show. It brings you away from your "real world", even if it's just for a moment when you immerse yourself in a song. You're typically confined in a group, hot and tired, with everyone mouthing the same lyrics... and yet you feel individual. Good music can take you there, losing yourself within four walls.

I try to keep my mind open to any music, because discovering a new sound that you like is one of the best things that can happen. And when it comes to shows, there's not much I won't go for. Of course I have my preference...

Accessorizing with a band tee is one of my favorites. I love how the art of screen print allows you to wear your heart, and say what you want to say... and show off where you've been! I put on our Snake Print Geo Necklace and stacked our black bracelets and Stud Watch to bring out my rocker chic. The Gold Spike Necklace is also perfect for this look.

Conclusion: A venue is just about the only place to live free within walls. Rock doesn't have to be pretty or trendy, say what you want! And rule #1 is never get rid of your band tees. (Rule #1.5, don't wear the band you're seeing...)

Music behind the tees:

Pic 1: Webster Hall-Underground- Atmosphere, Pic 2: Jones Beach-Metal- Iron Maiden, Pic 3: D.F.P. 8-Rock- Beastie Boys, The Darkness, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Cypress Hill, Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, Pic 4: The Paramount-Reggae- The Wailers

This week I'll be seeing Big D and the Kids Table, stay tuned!

Jacket - Forever 21, Necklace (Geo Snake Print Necklace) - Wanderlust Vintage, Necklace (Gold Stud and Spike Necklace) - Wanderlust Vintage, Bracelet (Ivory Silver Infinity Stacking Bracelet) - Wanderlust Vintage, Bracelet (Black Cross Bead Stacking Bracelet) - Wanderlust Vintage, Bracelet (Black Wrap Stud Bracelet) - Wanderlust Vintage, Watch (Black Snap Stud Watch Bracelet) - Wanderlust Vintage, Boots - Dirty Laundry