NIN October 21 2013

I stand by my statement in my last Tunesday Tuesday post - wandering into new music can be the best experience you have. Most know of Nine Inch Nails, but those of you who haven't been immersed in the heat of the moment while blasting "Terrible Lie," you may feel your inner demons surface very quickly.

I was at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY for Tension 2013, my first time seeing Nine Inch Nails in the flesh, and I was completely blown away. Amazing distinctive lighting with cage-like grids matching their industrial sound would take anyone on a trip.

I was mesmerized. Every lighting scenario was more electrifying than the last.

They have a way of igniting all senses. And with a dark sensuality to their sound, most of my fellow female Nine Inch Nail fans will agree that any show of theirs will make for an interesting date... to say the least! It was my first venture to Barclays as well, an easy trip for a Long Islander for an impressive night.

I wore a new piece of ours, the Royal Blue Leaf Bracelet stacked with pieces of the Boho Mixed Bangles that ended up coordinating with some of their cool blues. These bangles are pretty, but can still be edgy when putting the right combos together and I wore them with dark colors, perfect for a show like this.

The night's setlist