Crochet & Lace October 09 2013

Lace and crochet is everywhere now... YES!

My taste has always been edgy, but when I see something so detailed and dainty as lace or crochet, I can't help but want to drape myself in girlishness! I've always liked to add a touch of lace to my old jeans or shoes to create a new look. It's easy to make a few stitches and then you're able to clip it right off if you want. Here's a pair of boots I did this to:

I wore these out with an open front crochet cardigan layered on a long sleeve lace top. Too much?? Not in my book.

Most of my favorite fall boots are accented with a lace look and this cute stitch.

As an intricate fabric, it looks great with simple and bold jewelry, like our champagne oval statement necklace. It's so easy to dress up with a piece like this and any neutral color crochet or lace top.

Whether you add it as a simple detail to revive that old pair of jeans or deck yourself out in the vintage style... give in, indulge in texture and lace up!