DIY Wood Photo Transfer November 13 2014

Wooden decor is one of my favorite looks! This is a beautiful and unique way to display photos - you can use a block for the wall or standing on desks or tables, or as I show here on a keepsake box. The perfect DIY for your home, or they make amazing personalized gifts!

What you'll need:

-Photos printed from a Laser printer (Must be laser! Inkjet prints will smear! If you don't have one, you can get them printed at a local printer or Staples, make sure you ask for laser prints - usually only about 60 cents for black and white!)

Keep in mind the image will be mirrored so flip it!


-Brushes (the thicker the better!)


-Matte Medium Gel (Liquitex is the usual brand from a craft store in the paint isle, I got mine at Michael's)

-Anything wood with an area to print!


1. Start cleaning off the wood with a wet cloth so the surface is completely clear of any dust and slightly damp. Brush the gel onto the surface, thick enough so you can see it, and cover every part you want the image to appear (any missed area will not absorb the image)



2. Place the image face down on the wood. Make sure you've got it where you want it before you press, and then press down and smooth it out across the gel. Leave this on to dry for a full 12 hours (or at least 8 minimum - this is a long project!)


3. Next, to get the paper off you have to wet it and rub it off. This is a bit of a process, it takes about 8 to 10 times of wetting, drying, then doing it again. Use your fingers to rub the paper, but be careful! After a while this really rubs away the tips of your fingers. Take your time!


4. If you like it as is, perfect! If you want to get a more rustic and colored look, you can sand the edges and stain the wood. I used a black and white photo to begin and stained right over the picture. With a color picture, you can stain the edges. Take a knife to get rid of any of the unwanted gel on the edges and sand away to your liking. Make sure you clear off any dust before staining and go right over the picture, dry and stain again. I used a sealer after to give a shine as well.


The perfect keepsake for wedding photos or just to display some of your favorite photos together!


And speaking of decor... check out our new holiday prints! Decor & Prints

Here's a few!


Engagement September 05 2014

New invite DIY, inspired by my friend's love!

I recently did an engagement photoshoot for some of my best friends, here's a few shots and a print look that is just "so them"!


Congrats Dave & Britt!

Bridal Shower August 29 2014

There's no better reason to get your girlfriends and family together to party lady style than a bridal shower. Our best friend is getting married and with the help of some amazing ladies, we put together a great party to celebrate love and the beginning of Natalie's new life as a Mrs! The shower was held at one of the bridesmaids backyard (which is absolutely breathtaking) and we couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. Below are some pictures capturing the special moments! 


From the food to the flowers to the bride to be.... gorgeous!

DIY Printables July 17 2014

We're in the wedding season of our lives! So many of our friends and family are getting engaged, and we've been inspired to design some Do It Yourself printable invitations and cards. We'll set up everything for you and you print yourself! Just choose any of our designs and send us all the info you want to be included. We'll send you all of the high res files you'll need to print with a professional printer.

Or it's easy to do yourself! There's quality card stock and straight cutters at staples to help you print, cut and look professional. Make sure your paper cutter is strong enough to cut heavy paper if you choose to use card stock. Do a test run for double-sided designs to make sure you flip your paper over the correct way to print the other side - newer printers will print double sided for you, check your settings! We also send a 2-per-page file to save paper.

Check out all of our printable design at our new Décor & Prints page. More to come!


Contact as with any questions!


DIY Flower Crowns June 26 2014

Flower crowns are a perfect DIY for the summer and they're SO easy to make. They're great for music festivals, weddings, special occasions or just because! I feel like the best way to rock this look is to do it yourself. Get creative with your choice of flower type and color to make a look that's your own. I chose to use suede cord as the headband but you can use whatever you want (elastic, flower wire, leather cord etc.)
Here's what you need:
You can get all these materials at your local craft store.
Step 1: Measure the suede cord around your head leaving enough cord to hang in the back to tie.
Step 2: Cut the stems on the back of the flowers so that they lay flat.
Step 3: Using your hot glue gun, glue the flowers onto the cord. Place the flowers wherever you want. I chose to keep them close together.
Step 4: Add beads of any type to the end of the cord and tie a knot at the end to secure it.
The other way I made my flower crown was on a braided cord/elastic headband.
Step 1: Braid your suede cord. Once you have the braid to a decent length, measure it to your head. Make sure you do not go all the way around your head. Leave some room to add the elastic so it can stretch according to your head.
Step 2: Hot glue a 2" piece of elastic to your braided cord and secure it by wrapping a piece of ribbon around the suede and elastic (close ribbon with glue).
Step 3: Glue your flowers onto the braided cord.
And thats it! You got yourself a flower crown!

Aloe Vera May 16 2014

Most people use Aloe Vera to treat burns, which is exactly what I have always used it for. While I was away in Portugal, I unfortunately got a pretty bad sun burn on my back. As I was using aloe vera to treat my burn, I thought there must be many other uses for it. I quickly did my research and now I'm excited to try these all out!


Birthdays May 09 2014

Each year is a privilege, and it's worth enjoying and celebrating! Your birthday is a day to appreciate, not worry about your age.

Today is my birthday, and a few days ago I was deciding what I should write about on this day. I couldn't help but contemplate the fact that I'm about to be closer to 30 than my teen years. Youth slowly just flying away...
Then I asked a little girl what she would say on her birthday, "On my birthday I won't be with Miss [her teacher] anymore, I'll be in kindergarten!" I was of course expecting the excitement, but to hear her thinking ahead about her life and anticipating things to come was a good kick-turn to my perspective. Seeing a 4 year old excited about something months away is all you need to remind you what's important.

One of the absolute best things you can do for yourself, even if it's only once a year, is to list the things you are grateful for. Sit down and try it! You'll feel about 100 years younger.

26 things to be happy for this year:






DIY Phone Charger April 18 2014

There are so many expensive custom phone chargers that I refuse to buy...why not use what you have and DIY? Today I am going to show you two ways to decorate your phone charger.

This first one is so easy. Here's what you need:

-Washi tape


-Phone charger

1) Take your washi tape and line is up straight to place on your charger.

2) Press down firmly so it sticks well and your done!

See, so easy!


You can pretty much do any design with washi tape, there are so many awesome prints. I bought mine here I have actually fallen in love with washi tape, I want to put it on everything.


This next one is a little more time consuming but it allowed me to slow down for a minute and relax while creating! Here's what you need:



-Phone charger

1) Start by wrapping your string around the charging cord tightly.

2) When you are ready to start a new color, tie the new color onto your current string.

3) Cut the ends a little and tuck them in so you can wrap over the ends.

4) Start wrapping again!

5) Repeat until you have the pattern you want.

6) When finished, tie the end so it does not come undone.


Voila! Two different ways to spice up your phone charger.

Spring Cleaning March 27 2014

D.I.Y. Pants to Shorts

Of course our favorite time of year because it's all about reviving your old styles! I've been emptying my drawers and came across some jeans I just couldn't get rid of. They're an old straight leg that I never wear anymore, but with such a nice dark brown color, they needed to stay. So I cut them into shorts! The best part about cutting your own shorts is customizing. Cut more or less of an angle to flatter your shape, and create your perfect length.

Use safety pins to mark where to want to cut. Start thinking long, since you can't go back after cutting them too short. I measured 4" down the inseam. Tighter jeans make for better short shorts.


Once you've pinned the inseam, use the ruler match the angle of the waistline and pin the other side.


Use chalk or charcoal to make a rough line.


And go for it! Roll over once about a 1/2" to cuff. Try them on and adjust.

If you want to keep them cuffed, make a few stitches up the side seams and iron them down. Throw them in the wash to fray!

The perfect pair to fulfill my obsession with green and brown. This embroidered top had great touches of gold to go with our new Dragonfly Pendant necklace, a piece from our spring items to come soon... once we are through with spring cleaning!


DIY Dreamcatcher February 21 2014

Growing up I always had a dreamcatcher above my bed to protect myself from nightmares. Dreamcatchers are so beautiful and if you make your own, there is so much room for creativity. When my dad picked up beautiful lace doilies from Budapest, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them.
I have a thing for dreamcatchers so if you love them as much as I do, you'll enjoy this DIY. Here is my version!
Here's what you need:
-Glue gun
-Lace doily
-Jewelry wire
I started by taking my jewelry wire and creating a circle that was sized to my lace doily. I used hot glue to close the wire.
You can use any type of string to tie your lace doily onto the jewelry wire. I used leather cord to wrap around the wire.
Now this is the fun part. Add string, charms, stones, feathers, lace, chains or any type of fabric to decorate your dreamcatcher!
I have so much fun making dreamcatchers... below are the others I have made.
My next creation: dreamcatcher necklace!

DIY Chain & Charm Hair Ties February 07 2014

I'm always wearing hair ties around my wrist but hate the way they look next to my bracelets and/or watch. I don't even actually use them that often, but they are always there just in case. I decided I needed to fix this and spice up my hair ties to look better with my outfits.

These are so simple to make. Here's what you need:



Hair Ties

Carefully open up the first chain link with your pliers and place the hair tie in the chain link. Close up the chain link. Follow the same steps for last chain link.

And voila! A hair tie AND bracelet that will look good with any outfit!

I was feeling inspired so I decided to create another look. Also very easy to make.

Here's what you need:


Hair Tie

Jump Rings



With all the tassel accessories seen lately, I wanted to add one into my creation. I cut pieces of the string and tied it at the top to make the tassel.

With your pliers, carefully open the jump ring and add your charm. Link it on to the hair tie and close the jump ring.

I love these...they look great on their own, stacked all together, or paired with bangles and a watch! There are so many different ways to glam up your hair ties. Get creative!


DIY: Galaxy Print January 16 2014

After a long, very cold walk on the beach this weekend, I got in my car and headed home. On my way, staring at the cliffs ahead next to an open sky above the water, came down a meteor-like object. It was far in the distance, but close enough to see the colorful glowing smoke coming off. Pretty blue and gold barreling down. I've never seen anything like it.

Of course I've thought about it all week and as nature inspires us, the universe is on my mind. Galaxy is a trendy print now and spray paint is an easy way to get the look. I wanted to paint an accessory to add a nice printed touch to an outfit, and to show off my galaxy story!



Dark Stretch Fabric

Fabric Spray Paint - Ivory, Purple & Pink



Cut 2 fabric strips approximately 4" x 20".

Start off with big splotches of purple, then spray at an angle with Ivory for a mist of stars.

Add just a few splotches of pink.

Roll each piece, criss-cross and close the ends together with a simple stitch.

Galaxy is easy! Play around with the pattern.

This cute headband can be done in so many different fabrics and prints, to be plain & simple or funky & bold. Here's a few from the web I loved in similar twist styles.




Dress Up Your Gifts December 23 2013

I got pretty crafty this year when it came to wrapping presents. I'm usually the type that's wrapping gifts in the car on the way to a party.

I went on a pinterest binge and went straight to Michaels. Below is some holiday wrapping inspiration I created.


Here is what inspired me on pinterest:

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Crochet & Lace October 09 2013

Lace and crochet is everywhere now... YES!

My taste has always been edgy, but when I see something so detailed and dainty as lace or crochet, I can't help but want to drape myself in girlishness! I've always liked to add a touch of lace to my old jeans or shoes to create a new look. It's easy to make a few stitches and then you're able to clip it right off if you want. Here's a pair of boots I did this to:

I wore these out with an open front crochet cardigan layered on a long sleeve lace top. Too much?? Not in my book.

Most of my favorite fall boots are accented with a lace look and this cute stitch.

As an intricate fabric, it looks great with simple and bold jewelry, like our champagne oval statement necklace. It's so easy to dress up with a piece like this and any neutral color crochet or lace top.

Whether you add it as a simple detail to revive that old pair of jeans or deck yourself out in the vintage style... give in, indulge in texture and lace up!



DIY: Jewelry Hanger October 04 2013

I am literally obsessed with accessories especially because it can make an outfit. The only problem with having piles of jewelry is keeping your treasured pieces organized. Today's DIY post is for anyone who just can't seem to keep their jewelry organized.

Here's what you need:

- Vintage frame (I got mine for $3.99 at a thrift store)

- Knobs (Mine are from Anthropologie but you can get them from any hardware store, Bed Bath & Beyond, or a thrift store)

- Cardboard

- Cork roll (you can get this at Michaels craft store)

- Lace

- Hot glue gun



Cut a piece of cardboard and cork roll to fit the back of the picture frame. Stick the cork roll on top of the cardboard (there is adhesive on the back of the cork roll)


Hot glue a piece of lace at each end to the top or bottom of the cork


Hot glue the cork board to the back of the picture frame


Either carefully use a drill or poke three holes where you want your knobs to go. Place the knobs in the holes and screw the knobs on tight 


Hang your jewelry!

Jewelry left to right:

earrings; Turquoise Tassel Earrings, Smokey Stone Teardrop Earrings, Gold Leaf Earrings, Light Blue Quartz Earrings

necklaces; Natural Golden Quartz Necklace, Round Emerald Statement Necklace (Coming Soon), Amber Drape Chain Necklace


Not only does it keep your jewelry tangle free, it will also showcase your beautiful jewelry and add some flare to your room.

Here are some pictures I used for inspiration:


There are so many amazing ways to keep your jewelry organized, get creative!