DIY Dreamcatcher February 21 2014

Growing up I always had a dreamcatcher above my bed to protect myself from nightmares. Dreamcatchers are so beautiful and if you make your own, there is so much room for creativity. When my dad picked up beautiful lace doilies from Budapest, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them.
I have a thing for dreamcatchers so if you love them as much as I do, you'll enjoy this DIY. Here is my version!
Here's what you need:
-Glue gun
-Lace doily
-Jewelry wire
I started by taking my jewelry wire and creating a circle that was sized to my lace doily. I used hot glue to close the wire.
You can use any type of string to tie your lace doily onto the jewelry wire. I used leather cord to wrap around the wire.
Now this is the fun part. Add string, charms, stones, feathers, lace, chains or any type of fabric to decorate your dreamcatcher!
I have so much fun making dreamcatchers... below are the others I have made.
My next creation: dreamcatcher necklace!

Crochet & Lace October 09 2013

Lace and crochet is everywhere now... YES!

My taste has always been edgy, but when I see something so detailed and dainty as lace or crochet, I can't help but want to drape myself in girlishness! I've always liked to add a touch of lace to my old jeans or shoes to create a new look. It's easy to make a few stitches and then you're able to clip it right off if you want. Here's a pair of boots I did this to:

I wore these out with an open front crochet cardigan layered on a long sleeve lace top. Too much?? Not in my book.

Most of my favorite fall boots are accented with a lace look and this cute stitch.

As an intricate fabric, it looks great with simple and bold jewelry, like our champagne oval statement necklace. It's so easy to dress up with a piece like this and any neutral color crochet or lace top.

Whether you add it as a simple detail to revive that old pair of jeans or deck yourself out in the vintage style... give in, indulge in texture and lace up!



DIY: Jewelry Hanger October 04 2013

I am literally obsessed with accessories especially because it can make an outfit. The only problem with having piles of jewelry is keeping your treasured pieces organized. Today's DIY post is for anyone who just can't seem to keep their jewelry organized.

Here's what you need:

- Vintage frame (I got mine for $3.99 at a thrift store)

- Knobs (Mine are from Anthropologie but you can get them from any hardware store, Bed Bath & Beyond, or a thrift store)

- Cardboard

- Cork roll (you can get this at Michaels craft store)

- Lace

- Hot glue gun



Cut a piece of cardboard and cork roll to fit the back of the picture frame. Stick the cork roll on top of the cardboard (there is adhesive on the back of the cork roll)


Hot glue a piece of lace at each end to the top or bottom of the cork


Hot glue the cork board to the back of the picture frame


Either carefully use a drill or poke three holes where you want your knobs to go. Place the knobs in the holes and screw the knobs on tight 


Hang your jewelry!

Jewelry left to right:

earrings; Turquoise Tassel Earrings, Smokey Stone Teardrop Earrings, Gold Leaf Earrings, Light Blue Quartz Earrings

necklaces; Natural Golden Quartz Necklace, Round Emerald Statement Necklace (Coming Soon), Amber Drape Chain Necklace


Not only does it keep your jewelry tangle free, it will also showcase your beautiful jewelry and add some flare to your room.

Here are some pictures I used for inspiration:


There are so many amazing ways to keep your jewelry organized, get creative!