Season of Change September 19 2014

When each new season comes around, it brings back a certain feeling… It’s hard to describe, maybe it comes from memories of some places you went as a kid and all of those fun seasonal activities.

I always have such a feeling of renewal when fall comes around. After months of heat and heavy humidity, the first days of cool air comes in like a crisp, fresh breath and you’re head is clear. It’s the season of change - you’re coming out of a nice long summer sun vacation in which last years problems have been long gone and partied away, and new projects have just begun in the peace and quiet of a fresh start.

I’ve had this feeling for the past 2 weeks, and it began when I read a friends post that I still can't get out of my head. It’s about taking care of yourself, physically and mentally, and one line just resonates with me because it seems to be an issue I run into all the time despite my wonderfully lucky and happy life, “Something was off.” You always know in your core when something just isn’t right.

For me, this is something that tends to happen when I AM happy… Why? I have love in my life, friends and family that care about me, a job, an education… Why do I get this sudden feeling like I’m making mistakes or life is just too much or “everything is off.”

And it seems so simple now. Take care of yourself.

As everyone goes through phases of this, I have a lot of trouble knowing exactly where to start and what to believe is healthy. I'm so tired of all these health articles coming at you with some new piece of information that could save your life if you just eat these few impossible to get foods, or cut out this, this and this immediately or you will DIE, or everything you thought you knew about food is wrong.

No, thanks. So I’m looking to myself now to figure that out and seems more simple than ever. How do I feel after a night of drinking? How do I feel after a run? How do I look after I’ve sat down without my computer or phone and had a cup of tea out on the porch?

I’m starting with just two simple changes and easy everyday goals that have helped me truly feel better and are things that I can realistically stick to:

1. Meditate - Everyday, even if it’s only for 5 minutes.

2. Go to the organic section first - Make a point to look at what’s available organic and real first - they’ve made it very easy to get organic food now and there’s no excuse not to eat that over processed.


That's it! Do it! Start with something simple to better yourself, and you'll see how more will follow just behind. Get motivated by Hummusbird and the post that really got me thinking. >>--->


New Fall Prints

DIY Flower Crowns June 26 2014

Flower crowns are a perfect DIY for the summer and they're SO easy to make. They're great for music festivals, weddings, special occasions or just because! I feel like the best way to rock this look is to do it yourself. Get creative with your choice of flower type and color to make a look that's your own. I chose to use suede cord as the headband but you can use whatever you want (elastic, flower wire, leather cord etc.)
Here's what you need:
You can get all these materials at your local craft store.
Step 1: Measure the suede cord around your head leaving enough cord to hang in the back to tie.
Step 2: Cut the stems on the back of the flowers so that they lay flat.
Step 3: Using your hot glue gun, glue the flowers onto the cord. Place the flowers wherever you want. I chose to keep them close together.
Step 4: Add beads of any type to the end of the cord and tie a knot at the end to secure it.
The other way I made my flower crown was on a braided cord/elastic headband.
Step 1: Braid your suede cord. Once you have the braid to a decent length, measure it to your head. Make sure you do not go all the way around your head. Leave some room to add the elastic so it can stretch according to your head.
Step 2: Hot glue a 2" piece of elastic to your braided cord and secure it by wrapping a piece of ribbon around the suede and elastic (close ribbon with glue).
Step 3: Glue your flowers onto the braided cord.
And thats it! You got yourself a flower crown!

Nature Inspired Decor January 09 2014

Decorating my room to me is ever changing. I'm always adding new things to it. I have always loved nature inspired room decor. It's beautiful. There is so much creativity and beauty found by just taking a walk outside.
However, its freezing which means less time outdoors. 
Newest to my room are these amazing shelves made by my talented boyfriend. I couldn't have gotten these gifts at a better time because I've been trying to think of a way to add a touch of nature into my room. These shelves did just that.

They are perfect for showcasing my prettiest pieces.

(from left to right; Brown Stone Bracelet; Turquoise Chain Necklace; Honey Teardrop Necklace; White Turquoise Cuff)

(from left to right; Mint Shimmer Statement Necklace; Kelly Green Leaf Bracelet; Gold Hammered Statement Necklace)

 This ring holder and jewelry box were also hand made gifts. 

What I love most about this little jewelry box is that it has a peso from our trip to Mexico. All of these creations are amazing (and encourages my jewelry addiction)… I now have new places to put my treasured pieces.

I can't wait until it get just a little bit warmer so I can explore outside for new nature inspired room decor!

Thanksgiving Outfit Inspiration November 27 2013

I've been looking forward to thanksgiving for a while, especially because you get to see friends and family you may not get to see all the time. Now that thanksgiving is just one day away, what do you wear? Below is some thanksgiving outfit inspiration.

For a comfy casual look, I picked the obvious choice... leggings with a knit sweater. I paired this outfit with tall brown boots and the Orange Tassel Necklace (coming soon!)
Leggings: Victoria Secret, Ivory Knit Sweater: H&M, Brown Boots: Thrift Store and Orange Tassel Necklace
Here is what I put together for a casual day outfit:
White long sleeve: H&M, Moss colored jeans: Forever21, Short Brown Boots: Graffiti Boutique, Brown bag: Forever21, Ivory and Gold Speckled Knit Scarf (coming soon!), Brown Wrap Stud Bracelet, Midi Cross Ring and Gold leaf Earrings.

Below is the outfit I chose for dinner/night:
Green chiffon dress: Mystique Boutique, Brown Tall Boots: Nine West, Brown Bag: Forever21, Geo Gold Necklace and Brown Stone Bracelet
What are you wearing for thanksgiving?

Living in the Trees November 20 2013

Every week I try and do a few quick type designs with quote’s that I love to keep my creativity flowing. Lately, my head has been in the trees!


A few creations with images from the web.


FALL September 19 2013

I love fall and everything that comes with it. If you haven’t gotten excited yet, here are some ways to get there: the change of color in the leaves, cool weather, warm layers, autumn scents, bon fires and of course pumpkin EVERYTHING. It’s one of my favorite times to spend outside exploring. These pictures were taken at Coindre Hall in Huntington, New York. I haven’t spent much time here but it really is beautiful. There are 34 acres and plenty of nooks and crannies to go exploring in. One of my favorite parts of Coindre hall is that it overlooks the Long Island Sound. You better believe I’ll be spending more time here before it gets too cold.

Since weather starts off warm and gradually gets cooler, you're still able to wear light clothes with a simple chunky knit scarf or a cardigan. I’m wearing a gorgeous lightweight fishtail dress with our Ivory Knit Infinity Scarf accented with our Geo Gold Necklace and Brown Wrap Stud Bracelet.

Photo Credit: Brittany Lombarski

Dress - Forever21, Scarf (Ivory Knit Infinity Scarf) - Wanderlust Vintage, Necklace (Geo Gold Necklace) - Wanderlust Vintage, Bracelet (Brown Wrap Stud Bracelet) - Wanderlust Vintage, Boots - Graffiti Boutique.


Face it guys, it’s time to ditch your bikinis and shorts for boots, cozy cardigans, and scarves!