Season of Change September 19 2014

When each new season comes around, it brings back a certain feeling… It’s hard to describe, maybe it comes from memories of some places you went as a kid and all of those fun seasonal activities.

I always have such a feeling of renewal when fall comes around. After months of heat and heavy humidity, the first days of cool air comes in like a crisp, fresh breath and you’re head is clear. It’s the season of change - you’re coming out of a nice long summer sun vacation in which last years problems have been long gone and partied away, and new projects have just begun in the peace and quiet of a fresh start.

I’ve had this feeling for the past 2 weeks, and it began when I read a friends post that I still can't get out of my head. It’s about taking care of yourself, physically and mentally, and one line just resonates with me because it seems to be an issue I run into all the time despite my wonderfully lucky and happy life, “Something was off.” You always know in your core when something just isn’t right.

For me, this is something that tends to happen when I AM happy… Why? I have love in my life, friends and family that care about me, a job, an education… Why do I get this sudden feeling like I’m making mistakes or life is just too much or “everything is off.”

And it seems so simple now. Take care of yourself.

As everyone goes through phases of this, I have a lot of trouble knowing exactly where to start and what to believe is healthy. I'm so tired of all these health articles coming at you with some new piece of information that could save your life if you just eat these few impossible to get foods, or cut out this, this and this immediately or you will DIE, or everything you thought you knew about food is wrong.

No, thanks. So I’m looking to myself now to figure that out and seems more simple than ever. How do I feel after a night of drinking? How do I feel after a run? How do I look after I’ve sat down without my computer or phone and had a cup of tea out on the porch?

I’m starting with just two simple changes and easy everyday goals that have helped me truly feel better and are things that I can realistically stick to:

1. Meditate - Everyday, even if it’s only for 5 minutes.

2. Go to the organic section first - Make a point to look at what’s available organic and real first - they’ve made it very easy to get organic food now and there’s no excuse not to eat that over processed.


That's it! Do it! Start with something simple to better yourself, and you'll see how more will follow just behind. Get motivated by Hummusbird and the post that really got me thinking. >>--->


New Fall Prints

Engagement September 05 2014

New invite DIY, inspired by my friend's love!

I recently did an engagement photoshoot for some of my best friends, here's a few shots and a print look that is just "so them"!


Congrats Dave & Britt!