Custom Wedding Pieces January 09 2015

In beautiful Montego Bay Jamaica, Pam got married with her little something blue custom footless sandals by Renewal! Here's the gorgeous bride!

Check out some new renewal pieces in our designer page >>---> Renewal

Congratulations to Dan and Pam Tello!

Hand and Foot Jewelry August 15 2014

I'm a sucker for these hand and foot pieces… I love how jewelry is expanding to be worn on all different parts of the body in all different ways. I never bought one so I decided I wanted to make one of my own. I picked out some of my favorite stones, pieces and chain and started creating. There are so many different types of hand pieces but I love how delicate the ones I made look on your hand. They are perfect to wear with stacking rings or midi rings.

Turquoise Handpiece

Purple Pyrite Handpiece

Coming from a person who really does not like feet, I'm in love with this footpiece. They're fun and look so cute barefoot. Summers almost over so get one of these gems before it ends!
Turquoise Geo Footpiece
I can't wait to get my hands on some lace to incorporate it into one of these pieces…Stay tuned!

A Day in the Life... a Designer! August 01 2014

Any artist will tell you there's ups and downs. One night I'll have 15 jobs with the deadline of tomorrow and no printer ink at 3AM, and another I'll be lying on the couch drawing my initials over and over wondering if my next paycheck will have any more than 2 digits. But my daily life consists of a rather fun place to work!

1. Wake up. Tea. Dress!

#ootd is one of my favorite Renewal pieces, the White Stone Geo Necklace, and the Burnished Gold Turquoise Feather Bangle.


2. Discuss designs and apparel client's would like to print. From the beginning of my day to the end, I'm thinking about sports, party, business and fashion logos.


3. Choose apparel. Getting the right company with the perfect textures, colors and look a client wants has been a big trial and error part of the job. I love getting to use new colors!


4. Choose media. One of my favorite parts of designing for apparel is being creative with all of the different methods of getting a logo to look it's best. Ink, embroidery, foil, glitter, rhinestones, studs, neons, so many to work with!


5. See the end result. For the prints we sell in store I get to see which designs sell best first hand.


6. And of course, the retail! Putting together outfits, designing visual displays, taking photos, updating the website and social media...

Work...What is work again??

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And at the end of a good day, there's a show to be seen! Heading out to Nikon Jones Beach Theater tonight - stay tuned for a #tunesdaytuesday soon!